Products - Complete Solutions

CMS specializes in designing and manufacturing complete measurement solutions scientific or industrial purposes, made according to the customers needs and specifications.

The strength of our approach is to always see the measurement task from the customer's point of view and to seek a solution of which we can both be proud. A modular methodology allows us to assemble a variety of individual light measurement systems using items from a range of fully developed standard products.

Please contact us in case you need a system or simply advisory to solve your measurement task. Our team of developers and technicians will be glad to help with their long-time experience and innovative ideas.

Products - Systemcomponents

The list below represents our standard products which are used in many of our systems but are also sold seperately. Furthermore we are always designing and manufacturing new components to suit the customers needs. In case you need more detailed information or just cannot find the product you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.
Kamerasysteme Cloud Detection /
All Sky Measurement
detection Light Sources

Transmission Transmission of Sunglasses
according to EN ISO 12311
diodearrays Diode Array Spectrometer

Transmission Solar Cell Reflectance
detection Sun Bed Testing /
Phototherapy (PUVA)

transfer Transfer / Calibration Standards

diodearrays Accesories

detection Optics and Lightguides

is Integrating Spheres

Radiometer Radiometer detection Dome


Products - OEM Solutions

We are also a major supplier of OEM products. Our Monochromators, spectrographs and other optical assemblies can be easily integrated in other system designs and will prove themselves as stable and reliablecomponents.
So why not contact us with your requirements?

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