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CMS - ING. DR. SCHREDER GMBH is based on the one-man firm founded by Josef Schreder in 1998. 2006 the structure of the one-man firm was changed to CMS - ING. DR. SCHREDER GMBH to act with the growing business situation.

Already in 1998 the focus was set on calibration and manufacturing of components for radiation characterisation in the ultra violet to visible. Since 1998 CMS and its scientific partner Medical University Innsbruck / Division for Biomedical Physics are maintaining the Austrian UVB monitoring Network by order of the Austrian Federal Ministry of A griculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

Today CMS is a supplier of products and system approaches in the radiation measuring and analysis from the deep UV to the far IR. Apart from the standard systems, modern spectroscopy of highest quality for individual requirements in close co-operation with the customer are realized.

Use our experience within the range of the spectral measuring and analysis technology and contact us with your measuring tasks. At you can reach us at any time with questions. Our technical engineer help you create a solution that is ideal for your application.

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